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Meet Tara

Owner, coach


I have a passion for all animals.  My love for training started as a child when I trained my guinea pig to do tricks for raisins.  I have also trained horses and competed in equestrian events from the age of 9. When I discovered the sport of dog agility in 2014, I knew I had found the perfect way to blend my interests of training, competition, and physical activity.  I am obsessed with learning and have taken and continue to take courses from numerous local as well and national and international trainers in multiple different dog sports.  

My first agility dog, Francois (papillon) and I have thus far achieved multiple agility championship titles in 4 different organizations (MACH5, PACH, C-ATCH, C-ATE, PDCH, IAC7, and CSS2) in AKC, CPE, USDAA and UKI.  We have qualified for AKC agility nationals every year since earning our master level title, competing at the event in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023. We also competed at the UKI US Open in 2019-2023 with podium finishes at all five events.  Francois earned high in trial at the 2023 CPE Nationals. My border collie, Magnus has agility titles in AKC, CPE, USDAA and UKI and has his agility champion titles in UKI and CPE. He made games finals at the UKI US Open in 2022. 


My dogs and I have also earned titles in other dog sports including scent work, tricks, obedience, rally, canine good citizen, herding, dock diving and disc dog.  Magnus knows over 70 tricks and has earned the AKC elite performer trick dog title. Magnus is also an amazing disc dog and has earned many top 3 placements in local UpDog  competitions and qualified for the UpDog International Finals our first year competing. To see me and my dogs in action, check out the videos page. I love seeing the teamwork develop between dog and handler. I am passionate about positive training and cultivating a growth mindset.




Mck Marcel Louis NJP, NAP (Marcel)


Meet Amy



Prior to dogs, I trained and showed horses. My understanding of horse movement and jumping principles easily flowed to the world of dog agility. I first started doing agility with my English Pointer but never competed with her.  I later started competing in agility with my first English Cocker Spaniel, Fern in 2008.  Fern and I have earned multiple champion titles including MACH, ADCH and PDCH.  Fern and I were also in the 2018 USDAA performance top 10 for standard, jumpers, and snooker. Thorn, my next agility dog has achieved a PDCH.  Thorn and I competed in both the 2020 UKI US Open by video and the 2020 UKI Canada Open by video, with top three finishes in both events.  My youngest dog Tansy is just getting ready to compete. I currently compete in AKC, USDAA and UKI agility venues.  My dogs split their time between agility and field events with my husband, Brett.  This sharing often creates the need for creative training that will work in both types of can be a fun challenge. 


I began teaching agility in 2011 and I love to see progress in my students and really enjoy the "light bulb" moments when things really click for teams.  I believe in customizing training to the dog's needs and skills. Agility is not a "one size fits all" program. Having struggled with injuries and surgeries, which have impacted my running, I also understand handler limitations and enjoy finding ways to increase success.



MACH ADCH PDCH MH Razr’s Kung Foo (Fern)- Retired

PDCH AFC SH Featherwood Blackthorn (Thorn)

Thunderstruck’s Featherwood Invasion (Tansy)

Perfect 10's Sky's the Limit (Limit, puppy)

Meet Lindsey


Rye and Lindsey Klimb Classic 2021.png

I am originally from Syracuse, NY and moved to Rochester, MN in 2017.  I have doctorate in physician assistant studies with a concentration in teaching and learning and apply my understanding of learning to teaching dog sports. I know that everyone learns differently (both humans and dogs) and I adapt my teaching style to best suit a learner's needs. I love learning myself and am an avid reader about canine cognition, neuroscience, and behavior. I have found having a greater understanding of how dogs think has helped with training my own dogs. 

I began training my pet dogs from a young age and was hooked. I started formal agility and disc training in 2018 with my Australian Shepherd, Rye.  Rye required a lot of time to build confidence in disc and agility; however, once he gained confidence, he became a fast dog in the ring! Rye competes in agility and disc, but also volunteers as a therapy dog. My second Australian Shepherd Jive joined our family  in 2021. She easily adapted to sports and competes in agility, disc, and dock diving.  We have earned titles in disc, agility, trick dog, rally, and therapy work. 

My training skills include: drive building, foundations (agility and disc), disc throwing, trick training, and general introduction to dog sports. 


Navrock's Dapper Man, RE, OAP, OJP, OFP, THDN, DDU, DDGE, CGC, TKE (Rye)

Casa Blanca's Slick Chick, RN, DS, DDS, CGC, TKA (Jive)


Meet Alice and Teri



We have been teaching dog training and actively competing in dog sports for  over 20 years.  Regardless of whether our students want to compete or just learn something new with their dogs, our approach is always the same.... focus on strengthening the bond and relationship with our dogs.

Alice was the first person in Minnesota to achieve the OTCH-MACH title (obedience and agility champion). She  has also received high in trial awards with 2 golden retrievers, a border collie, and a lab retriever.  Of all the things we have done, agility is our favorite sport. It is fast paced and we love calling it “obedience in the fast lane”.  We have achieved multiple agility championship titles, but mostly we just love teaching the basics of each exercise to both the human and the dog so they enjoy and understand the sport.

We have worked with all breeds of dogs and have owned and trained numerous breeds.  Alice started out with St Bernards and added over the years these amazing breeds: English Springer Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, English Cockers, Papillion, Border Collies, Miniature Poodles and Biewer Terriers.  

We are excited to be instructing agility foundations - we believe that a great team starts with great foundations. Foundation skills are the key to success in this awesome sport. 

Meet Sue



I have been fortunate to be training and competing in multiple dog sports since 1983.  I began my journey with agility 10 years later in 1993.  I have loved, owned and trained dogs of multiple breeds:  Border Collie, Pyrenean Shepherd, Sheltie, English Springer Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and, most recently, an adorable Miniature Poodle.  

I have achieved multiple titles and championships with my do
gs in the sports of agility, obedience, rally, and conformation.  Additionally, I have volunteered at Mayo Clinic with two therapy dogs.

With my persistent love of the sport of agility, It brings me great joy to work with students - supporting them to accomplish their goals from weekly class enjoyment to national wins.


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