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Welcome to Envision Dog Sports

About the facility

Located in Hayfield, MN we are about 20 minutes southwest of Rochester. The building is a 8,600 square foot clear span insulated arena with a dirt/sand blend footing especially designed for dog agility. The surface is meticulously maintained for the safety of humans and dogs.  There are no support poles, which means no limitations to course design and improved safety.  Classes, seminars and lessons utilize the entire 72' x 100' ring area, which allows full sized master and international coursework.


Surface and Equipment

Surface and equipment are the most important factors in dog agility for the safety of both the dog and human. If you have any questions about the facility, please contact me.

About the footing

The dirt footing is a multi-layered limestone and dirt foundation with a specialized dirt and sand blend top layer designed specifically for dog agility by arena footing expert Jim Kiser from Kiser Arena Specialists. The footing was professionally installed and laser leveled.  Read more about arena design:

What are the benefits of dirt footing?

  • Excellent traction (when properly prepared)

  • Depth and firmness can be adjusted

  • Most national events are held on dirt/sand, so it is great to get your dog used to running on this surface

What are the disadvantages of dirt footing?

  • It's dirty!  Dogs and shoes may require cleaning after class.  There is a dog washing area with warm water if you would like to clean your dog after training

  • It requires maintenance. Dirt/sand require frequent watering and grooming to maintain optimal quality.  We have a specialized groomer to keep the surface in top condition. 

The equipment

The contact equipment is rubberized aluminum with great traction. All of the contacts are competition grade. We primarily use winged jumps for better visibility. We have both 15' and 20' tunnels from Schauenberg, which are extremely durable, made from 16 oz PVC fabric. Tunnels are 24" diameter with a 6" pitch and are fully bagged when in use.

"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing."

William Shakespeare

Still have more questions? Contact me today.

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