Upcoming Seminars

2023 Kelsey-Palooza!

Kelsey Kirkpatrick Seminars
April 14-16, 2023
May 19-21, 2023

*Young Dogs*




Kelsey has been doing agility for 21 years. She teaches classes weekly and teaches online students. She is a 4 time National Champion with 3 different dogs. 30 time regional champion with 4 different dogs. 2022 IFCS World Team Member, 2022 WAO World Team Member- Alternate and 2022 European Open Team Member. She was a finalist at the European Open. 4th place Us Open National Finals with over 200 dogs. 4th place at AKC Nationals Finals. She has also won every class they have at USDAA Nationals beside team (3rd). 4 time UKI Classic winner. Her students have made multiple trips to the podiums at AWC World Team Tryouts, US Open and Cynosport. Her student Janet Terry has also made the AWC AKC World team this year. Kelsey is big into getting tight lines and getting the most speed she can out of her and her students dogs. She also believes that agility is not a size fits all. She believes in working with the dog that you have in front of you.

Past Seminars

Ami Sheffield


Past seminars dates:

July 2-4, 2021

October 15-17, 2021

September 2-4, 2022

A few of Ami's accomplishments:

2022 AKC National Agility Champion 8' Preferred

2022 AKC National Agility Championship Finalist 12" Regular

5 time world team member (EO, WAO, IFCS)

2019 AKC Premier Cup Champion 12" Regular

2 time Westminster Champion 12" Regular

Multiple podium placements at the 2021 UKI US Open


Loretta Mueller

Past seminar dates:

June 10-12, 2022

A few of Loretta's Accomplishments:

Head coach world team (WAO, USA) 5 years
Assistant coach world team (IFCS, USA)

ADCH Titles with 4 border collies

Multi time world and national finalist (USDAA)

Kelsey Kirkpatrick


Past seminar dates:

May 13-15, 2022

A few of Kelsey's Accomplishments:

2022 European Open Team member

2022 WAO World Team Member

2022 AWC World Team short list

2022 Cynosport Steeplechase Champion

2022 AKC National Championship 2nd Place Standard

Courtney Moore

Past seminar dates:

Oct 28-30, 2022

A few of Courtney's Accomplishments:

UKI, USDAA and AKC Agility Judge

2023 WAO World Team Member

Multiple AKC and USDAA agility championships 

2022 AKC National Championship 3rd place

3rd place Purina Incredible dog challenge - small dog agility 2022 Western Regionals

Courtney 2.jpg